Impact100 Sydney North

The story so far…


In 2001, Wendy Steel gathered 100 friends and business associates in Cincinnati, USA, with the idea of forming a collective giving group to support sustainable solutions for people lacking access to basic necessities like health care, shelter, education and job training. Received with enthusiasm, the group named itself Impact100.

Since then Impact groups have blossomed around the US and their impact is truely inspirational. In Pensacola for example, with a population of just 52,000, Impact100 Pensacola has 1,000 members and so gives away $1,000,000 to local not-for-profits doing outstanding work in their local community.


Established in 2012, Impact100 WA was the first Australian Impact. Since then Impact groups have been established in Melbourne, SA, Fremantle and Sydney. Women & Change in Queensland is also based on a similar model.


In 2016, inspired by the success of the Impact model both in Australia and the US, a group of friends decided we wanted to make philanthropy easier for people who lived in Sydney’s north. Some of us are also members of other Impacts. The various Impact groups share resources and help each other, and together we are creating an Australian Impact movement.

We believe more people in Australia would be philanthropic if they could see the direct result of their gift. Giving circles can offer this inspiration by their very nature – inclusive, engaging and enriching groups of community minded people, compassionate to others in need.

Impact groups share the aim of democratising philanthropy, encouraging strategic intentional giving and inspiring more collective giving groups.