Impact100 Sydney North

About giving circles


A giving circle is a group of like-minded people who want to make a positive difference but may not have the individual capacity to make very large gifts. They pool their donations together so collectively their money has more impact.

A giving circle enables more choice and involvement for donors, allowing them to see close-up the results of their giving. Being part of giving away a large grant is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Through collaborative giving members are able to contribute and achieve more with others, enhancing their giving and allowing them to experience the joys of philanthropy.

By joining the collective giving movement, philanthropy is within the reach of most of us.


Impact100 is a simple model that works. 100 donations of $1,000 are combined to make one grant of $100,000 so there are no administrative overheads taken out. Each $1,000 donor gets a vote for which charity gets the grant.  All gifts are tax deductible.


Here are just a few.

For members:

  • Being able to make a transformational gift
  • Sharing the giving process with others and being part of a team
  • Having a say in where the grant goes
  • Meeting fellow donors, expanding your networks and taking part in social activities
  • Learning about philanthropy and some of the fantastic, powerful and positive work being done by lesser known charities
  • Giving strategically and knowing it will make a difference.

For the community:

  • Support for smaller organisations or new projects which might not otherwise get funding
  • Bringing new donors into the philanthropic sector, growing giving in Australia
  • Inspiring and encouraging greater community engagement and understanding
  • Showing there’s power in numbers.